Everything you need to know about fine dining table etiquettes

For a lot of people, fine dining is a very intimidating prospect because of all the rules and formality it entails. You may be judged or worse, called out for not being well tuned with the rules of eating. However, if you keep these certain tips in your mind, you will realize that the etiquette is actually easy to follow.

Before and on entering the restaurant

Be prepared before you enter a restaurant. If you’re visiting a place with someone new, then know their food preferences, restrictions, and other details as you wouldn’t want to reach there and find out. Reserve a table if the restaurant you’re going to attracts a decent number of customers. It is okay to hold open doors for the guests with you but you do not need to pull out a chair for anyone.The host should always take the lead in making the other person comfortable. Do not keep your elbows on the table. The napkin should be placed on your lap and it should be there unless you want to wipe something off your mouth or hands.

On ordering

 Be polite with the waiter. Avoid giving responses in monosyllables and constantly looking at the menu while they are talking. If you can’t pronounce certain words, feel free to point the word out and ask them. To call them to your table, don’t flail your arms around or make any grand gestures. Just catch their eye and raise your arm gently.

Take into consideration your guest’s choices also and balance out your food with them. For instance, if they order dessert, order it too because you don’t want them having a course alone while you watch.

While eating

Avoid looking into your phone or talking on it as much as you can as it can be really disrespectful. If you want to excuse yourself, leave the napkin on the chair. When you are done with your meal, place the napkin on the left side of the plate. Once you have commenced your meal, it is improper to let any part of your knife or fork rest outside the plate. Food is placed on the left while drinks are placed on the right while your bread and butter place is placed on the left of the food plate. Do not use the napkin as a tissue.

Placement of cutlery

Placement of cutlery is very important as the waiters take them as orders or feedback so do it right.


If you are friendly with your company, you can either split or discuss whichever way you choose to pay.With formal company, usually, the host should pay. A more refined way of doing it is going over to the counter and settling it yourself.

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